Currently living & working out of Switzerland, I began my professional photography career in San Francisco’s early 90’s music scene. My interest in fashion led me to switch directions and I soon found myself immersed in the world of editorial and advertising. Fortunately, my work allowed me to be based in such wonderfully diverse cities such as Istanbul, Berlin & Buenos Aires.

Just before my move to Los Angeles from Argentina in 2008, my photography was once again to take another direction. With my home just across from the local race-track, I was inspired by the athletes, their years of dedication & struggles, their passion for the sport… painted across their faces, shrouded in an armour of bright & colourful silks, JOCKEYS.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, this project was the catalyst for pursuing photography purely of my own vision. Incidentally I have focused my lens on abstract patterns, shapes, forms …found in both nature and urban environments. This is well represented in projects such as MITSUME shot in Tokyo, fall 2014, PROTEUS in Los Angeles, spring 2015, and most recently…

GLACE whilst exploring the highest peaks of Switzerland. Inspired by the frozen terrain and in hopes of capturing glaciers fleeting moments, from a perspective that forces the casual observer to look deeper, approach closer, is coming together nicely.

PROTEUS was photographed in the spring of 2015, over several weeks, along the Silver Lake Reservoir in Los Angeles, California. Even though shade balls are merely 15cm inanimate spheres, with the shifting waters and wind, they are pushed, pulled and tossed around… from what was once chaos, they line up into organised patterns, a primordial soup.

FARBSTUDIE was kind of a happy accident. As I was testing a new lens in my studio, the camera was facing the edge of an open window frame. With the camera settings intentionally underexposed, the colour temperature outside in balance with the artificial light on the interior created a beautiful palette. Over the coming weeks I experimented with several gels, filters and lights, creating different emotional experiences.

MITSUME was discovered whilst travelling through Japan. While crossing the Mitsume Dori (bridge) in Tokyo, I came across these reflections in the water. With the perfect breeze, afternoon light reflecting in the shadow of the bridge, these images came together.

ECLIPSE, while exploring the streets of my neighbourhood in Berlin, I came across a local store front that had gone out of business. Seemingly in their last months before closing, they had covered all their street level windows in black vinyl with a single circular decal at their centre. When I came across them, they had just removed the decals, revealing perfectly clean spheres that had not been blemished by the elements.