• Photographic colour study. Printed larger than 100cm.
    FARBSTUDIE II (2017)
  • Colour study in deep blues. The shades of colour give the illusion of warped material.
    FARBSTUDIE V (2017)
  • Photographic colour study in browns and reds, giving a feeling of warmth.
    Farbstudie XII (2017)
  • Photographic colour study in shades of blue and purple. Feels like one is looking over a quiet sea in the late evening mist.
    Farbstudie XIV (2017)
  • Photographic colour study of deep browns bleeding into reds abstract photography
  • Photographic colour study in deep blue. Reminiscent of Rothko. Printed 140cm tall.
    FARBSTUDIE VI (2017)
  • Photographic colour study, captured in deep browns and printed over 100cm large.
    FARBSTUDIE IV (2017)
  • Photographic colour study in dark blues and deep purples... reminiscent of a deep dark sea in the midst of the darkest night.